KAIST’s OUIC(Office of University-Industry Cooperation) has established a new “GCORE (Global Center for Open Research with Enterprise)”organization to implement an innovative industry-university collaboration model to contribute to the creation of new industries. 



GCORE will build a ‘GCORE open matching platform’ to attract ①Global excellent postdoc and utilize ②KAIST’s infrastructure to solve the needs of ③partner companies. GCORE aims to provide students with the opportunity to accumulate their research capacity by leading them to solve the problems of their partner companies. 

GCORE shall implement of the 「GCORE research project」 as described below.



Apply and take the opportunity for your R&D!




■ Project Name : GCORE Research Project


■ Purpose : Establishment of R&D infrastructure based on the partner company’s demand through collaboration between KAIST’s Lab. and Global excellent Postdoc and establishment of innovative industry-university cooperation model contributing to new industry creation.


■ Qualification : Global Post Doctoral Researcher (A doctor received Ph.D degree within 5 years)


■ How to Apply : KAIST OUIC Homepage "GCORE Research Project" onlince application

                          (Please fill your applicaion in the attached docx file "GCORE_Application_Form(En)" and submit to hamjy@kasit.ac.kr if you have any error to apply online)


■ Research Fund :
    - Fund per project :  KRW 100,000,000/year
    - Details : ① Salary of Postdoc : about KRW 50,000,000/year 
                ② GCORE Lab research funds : about KRW 35,000,000/year
                ③ Partner Company Funds : about KRW 15,000,000 (Type A,B,C)


■ Project Type :


Key feature

Major Content


Dispatch of Postdoc to the company

(Plug-In Lab)

-Postdoc dispatched to partner company for R&D

· Attract and utilize postdoc based on research topics proposed by companies

· After selecting a partner company, dispatch postdoc to the company’


Dispatch of company’s researchers

to KAIST’s Lab. (Open-Lab)

- Cooperative research by dispatching the company’s researcher

   to KAIST’s Lab

· Attract and utilize postdoc based on research topics proposed by companies and Labs

· Dispatch of partner company’s researcher to KAIST’s Lab


Customized for

individual company

- GCORE Lab researchers (Postdoc+KAIST) perform research

   projects proposed by the company

· After selecting R&D demand of parter companies, GCORE lab researchers perform research project (within a year).


Business start-up

type through

technology transfer

- GCORE’s lab researcher performs in-depth research using KAIST dormant patents and transfer research results to partner companies

- GCORE Lab‘s researcher utilize the Hi-tech research results as start-up items


■ Timeline :




Call for proposals


Submission of proposals




Announcement of selected projects (TBD)


Execution of projects (TBD)


■ Contact : KAIST Global Center for Open Research with Enterprise

                  (hamjy@kaist.ac.kr, 042-350-6422)