[2018 Second half] Announcement of KAIST GCORE Research Project



KAIST GCORE(Global Center for Open Research with Enterprise) aims to implement an innovative industry-university cooperation model to contribute to create new industries by performing industrial R&D. ‘GCORE open matching platform’ is not only to attract Globally talented Post-Doc and to solve the R&D needs of partner companies by using KAIST’s infrastructure, but also to give Post-Doc opportunity to create new industry with their start-up item. 

 「GCORE research project」 plan is described as below to provide globally talented Post-Doc an opportunity to experience industrial R&D with partner company and to accumulate their research capability.


■ Project Name : G-CORE Research Project


■ Purpose : Establishment of R&D infrastructure promoting collaboration of KAIST and Parnter companies and fostering globally talented R&D leaders.


■ Qualification : Post-Doc or KAIST Faculty


KAIST Faculty


Full-time faculty in charge of Post-Doc

A doctor who received Ph.D degree within 5 years

(Incl. non-science/engineering major and graduates upon 2018 summer)


■ Project Type :



Key feature



Dispatch of Post-doc to the company

(Plug-In Lab)

-Post-doc is dispatched to partner company for R&D

· Attracting Post-doc based on research topics proposed by companies

· After selecting a partner company, dispatch post-doc to the company’s lab


Dispatch of company’s researchers

to KAIST’s Lab. (Open-Lab)

- Cooperative research by dispatching the company’s researcher to


· Attracting Post-Doc based on research topics proposed by companies and Labs

· Dispatch of partner company’s researcher to GCORE’s Lab


Customized for

individual company

- GCORE Lab researchers (Postdoc+KAIST) perform research

projects proposed by the company

· After selecting R&D demand of parter companies, GCORE lab researchers perform research project (within a year).




- Participating Ideation Program (Education, Research, Discussion)

- Teaming/Planning/Implementing Group work

- Making IP and/or Implementing commercialization

* GCORE Lab means KAIST Professor‘s Lab
* Recommend type A,B,C to apply with a partner company
* Please Refer 「KAIST GCORE Research Project D-Type (Convergence Pilot)」 announcement for type D



■ Partner company : ① Joint selection of Post-doc with KAIST (if necessary),      
                                 ② GCORE Matching Research Funds: KRW 15,000,000/year
                                     (The research fund ratio of KAIST and company is 7:3)

■ Scale of support for research team
 - Number of projects : About 20 Team
 - Research Period
    ▷Type A,B,C : 1year + 1year (Additional one year after 1st research review)
    ▷Type D : 0.5 year (Idea Developing) + 1 year (Teaming and Implementing)
 - Fund per project : About KRW 100,000,000/year
 - Fund Detail
        ▷ Type A,B,C : About KRW 100,000,000/year
        ▷ Type D : About KRW 85,000,000/year



Partner Company’s Fund(Type A,B,C)

- Post-Doc income: KRW 50,000,000(included Tax)

- Research fund: KRW 35,000,000

- Partner company’s research fund:

KRW 15,000,000

KRW 85,000,000

KRW 15,000,000


 ■ Timeline





Call for proposals


Submission of Application form


Selection (TBD)


Announcement of selected projects (TBD)


Progress of Research Agreement (TBD)


Execution of projects



 ■ Application Submission
  - Application Form : Download the form on KAIST OUIC Homepage
  - Submission : KAIST OUIC Homepage online application, Email, Visit, Post



 ■ GCORE Contact
   - Email : hamjy@kaist.ac.kr
     Phone : +82 42-350-6422
     Address : Global Center for Open Research with Enterprise,
               520ho 193 Munjiro Yuseong-gu Daejeon, Korea