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KAIST is located in Daedeok Science Town

the home to more than 60 government-supported and private research institutes, 4 universities, and numerous venture businesses.The Science Town is situated in the northern part of Daejeon, which is approximately 150 km south of Seoul. Daejeon has a population of over 1.3 million citizens. Taking advantage of its geographical location, KAIST provides abundant opportunities for research and learning through collaboration and exchanges with institutions and organizations in the immediate vicinity.

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건물배치도(카이스트 문지 캠퍼스)

  • Dean of OUIC / Faculty bldg. Room No. 502
  • TLO (Technology License Office) / Faculty bldg. Room No. 516-519
  • TBIC (Technology Business Incubation Center) / Faculty bldg. Room No. 621

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