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  • - Dec. 1994Technology Innovation Center (TIC) and Technology Business Incubation (TBI) established at KAIST
  • - Sept. 1997Enlarged and reorganized as the High-Tech Venture Center (HTVC)
  • - Mar. 2006HTVC became the Office of University-Industry Cooperation (OUIC)
  • - Jul. 2006OUIC was designated as a Technology Licensing Office (TLO) supported by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources & the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy.
  • - Jul. 2007The KAIST Business Incubation Center was selected as the best Business Incubation Center in Asia by the Asia Association of Business Incubation (AABI).
  • - Mar. 2009The ICU (Information & Communications University) Business Incubation Center was merged with the KAIST OUIC.
  • - Jul. 2010KAIST Business Incubation Center and its tenants relocated to the ICC Munji Campus


Increase the value of KAIST for the world and for the humanities

MISSION : One-Stop Service for Business Incubation Management and Technology Transfer Commercialization

  • - 2012 : Success Stories
  • - 2015 : Being a Role Model of Domestic and Foreign University-Industry Cooperation
  • - 2025 : World-Class-Office of University-Industry Cooperation

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