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is KAIST's Mission
in an Era of Creative Economy

Established in 1971, KAIST has led Korea's science and technological development, and joined the list of the world's leading research universities since four decades ago. It was largely owing to the passion and efforts of professors and students that KAIST was able to produce noteworthy research outcomes. We are also well aware that the generous support of the Korean government and enthusiastic interest shown by the public have been crucial to the success of KAIST.

Thus far, KAIST has focused on fostering science and engineering talents, conducting basic and applied researches, and helping local industries commercialize KAIST technologies. We take great pride in the fact that KAIST has played a significant role in Korea's industrial development and economic growth.

Yet, we will not be satisfied with current achievements. Based on our experience and expertise in research and education, KAIST will help industrial companies to derive added value by integrating our R&D outcomes, and the Office of University-Industry Cooperation will stand at the forefront in such endeavors.

We believe KAIST's responsibilities and missions in this era of "creative economy" aIndustrial businesses can create continuous innovation by making use of universities' technological capabilities and personnel resources.

At the same time, universities can strengthen educational and research capabilities that are essential in industrial fields through collaboration with enterprises. In this regard, university-industry collaboration is a social infrastructure that secures corporate competitiveness, industrial competitiveness and national competitiveness in this knowledge-based society.

To this end, the Office of University-Industry Cooperation is ready to become a supporter in overcoming difficulties and problems faced by enterprises, with whom we will build close, mutually beneficial relationships. Through university-industry collaboration, we will do our best to share and spread KAIST's values.

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