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Faculty/Student Startup Company

Faculty’s Startup Company

  • Work Procedure Application - The exact document should be sent to the Dept. < Approval - Reviewed by the Dept., Reviewed by the Committee of Tech-Commercialization, Approved by the President  <  Implement - Contract for tech-implement, Found a company
  • Documents
    Item Documents to be prepared
    When applying for Application for Start-Up Assistance [http://form.kaist.ac.kr]
    Business Plan [Annexed paper No. 2 ] : including summary of business plan
    Technology description [Annexed paper No. 3]
    Personal information [Annexed paper No. 4]
    Estimated Financial Statement[Annexed paper No. 5]
    When obtaining approval Faculty Start-Up Agreement [Annexed paper No. 6]
    List of Shareholders [Attachment 1 of annexed paper No. 6]
    Share Transfer Agreement [Annexed paper No. 7]
    Unissued Capital Stock Certificate(when not issuing shares) [Attachment 1 of annexed paper No.7 ]
    Share Deposit Agreement, Share Donation Agreement (when issuing shares) [Attachment 2 of annexed paper No.7]
  • The applied rule: Start-up Regulations

Student’s Startup Company

  • Summary
      Course of Bachelor Course of Master Course of Doctor
    Startup while in school
    (regardless of scholarship type)
    Possible Possible Possible
    (Except persons in military service)
    Procedure of startup while in school Send application asking extracurricular activities to Student Affairs Team
    Leave of absence for startup Total 8 semesters
    (general 4 semester and startup 4 semesters)
    Total 6 semesters
    (general 2 semesters and startup 4 semesters)
    Total 8 semesters
    (general 4 semesters and startup 4 semesters)
    Procedure of leave of absence for startup Send application asking leave of absence to Academic Registrar's Team
  • The applied rule: Business Inauguration of an enterprise for students

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