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  • Log into http://ppms.kaist.ac.kr and enter your ID and password.
  • Click the ‘invention report‘ and select the type of filing. There are two types: new application and other application. The new application is comprised of domestic, PCT, and international applications.
  • Click the domestic application if the invention report is being made for the first time. And then, enter the appropriate information into the application form, invention report, conveyance, self-assessment, prior art research, and patent abstract.

Documentation of Application Form, Invention Report, Conveyance

  • Enter the following: name of the invention, name of the inventor (co-inventors if any), whether to make a disclosure or not, whether to have a co-application or not, any comments, attorney’s name, desired date of application completion. Then upload the attached file.
  • (Whether to make a disclosure or not) If the invention has been already disclosed or will be disclosed before applying for the patent, this matter should be stated. In principle, the patent application should be filed prior to disclosing the invention. However, when the inventor has voluntarily disclosed the invention in a publication such as a dissertation, the inventor might be granted an exception if the application will be made within 12 months from the date of disclosure. Therefore, if the invention has been disclosed before the application, it is necessary to file a notice of exception claim. Consequently, it is recommended that the date of the notice and notice media be described in detail with the attachment of disclosure materials.
  • (Joint application) For an invention made at KAIST, KAIST has the single right of application. However, the application could be made jointly with other institutions according to the terms of a research project agreement, or joint application agreement signed with other institutions. In the case of a joint application, please fill out the names of the institutions, officer in charge, contact information, burden rate of application expenses and share ratio of the patent.
  • (Joint inventors) The ‘inventor’ refers to the person who was directly involved in completing the invention. Persons such as a sponsor, trustee, or assistant are not considered to be inventors. An inventor’s share ratio will reflect a self-assessment, and determine the remuneration of the technology inventor. Therefore, it is necessary to fill out the form precisely. (For example, state that the share ratio of the KAIST inventor totals 100 %, and state the share ratio of the other institution’s inventor is 0%.)
  • (Attorney’s office) Select one of the patent attorney’s offices signed with KAIST.
  • (Desired date of application completion) In general, the application will be completed two months after the invention report has been received.
  • (Attached file) Please attach all files explaining the invention (in HWP, MS Word, PPT, PDF, etc). The file should be precisely and fully detailed to help the attorney’s understanding of the invention.
  • (Info of research project) When reporting the invention as the end-result of a government research development project, the pertinent projects should be stated in the patent application form. When such information is stated incorrectly, it can create some problems later in transferring or licensing the technology.

Self-Assessment, Prior Art Research, Patent Abstract Info

  • Enter the following based on your own judgement and self-assessment: the completeness and originality of the invented technology, its trend suitability, technology life cycle, the degree of rights, scope of the market, outlook of the market, ease of market entry at the time of self-assessment.
  • Prior art research is an investigation conducted to confirm whether any disclosures about the invention have been made or not. It includes searches of patents and research, including on-line listings and off-line publications. The targets for the prior art research include academic information such as dissertations and publications, and patent information. However, in general, it refers to the investigation of patent information. For free patent information research, please log into http://www.wipson.com or http://kipris.or.kr
  • In the patent abstract information, please state the following: the key content and characteristics of the invention, the industry field of application, marketability, expected effect, expectations for industrialization, candidate corporations likely to apply the technology, technology field, and type of activities.

Click the send button, after filling out the invention report, conveyance, self-assessment, prior art research, patent abstract info. Then print out the invention report and conveyance. Then submit the documents to the TCC with the signature(s) of the inventor(s).

For more information, please refer to the PPMS manual.

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